Warren Haynes announces the Now Is The Time tour dates.  

Warren Haynes has announced the Now Is The Time Tour, which will feature the Gov't Mule frontman, the Warren Haynes Band, and the Dreams and Songs Symphonic Experience. 

The shows will consist of three sets: two featuring symphonic music, with Rich Daniels of Chicago's City Lights  

Orchestra conducting local orchestras in each market, and a third featuring the new Warren Haynes Band, which includes John Medeski, Govt Mule's Kevin Scott, and former WHB member Terrence Higgins.

Haynes will perform music from his entire career, including his tenure with Gov't Mule, solo work, and collaborations with the Allman Brothers Band, Grateful Dead, and Jerry Garcia.  

"I'm really excited to have this opportunity to tour with both my new band and the Symphonic Experience," Haynes said in a statement.  

"We will be reinterpreting a lot of different music from the storied 'songbooks' of many of the bands I've been fortunate to have been a part of over the last three decades or so combined with material from my solo work, including new music."  

He goes on to say, "Many of these aforementioned classic songs will be interpreted by an orchestra for the first time   

Ever and doing sets with both the symphony and the band alone will give us the platform to perform a multi-dimensional show night after night."  

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