Top 9 Pretty Natural Nail Designs

Using a colorful mix of a handful of polishes from Gucci Beauty polishes, this design leaves half of the nail natural while the other half gets the design.  

Although the navy blue and terracotta used in this design are quite deep, there's lots of negative space in this design.  

French Tips are the OG natural nail design. This gorgeous set was completed on Aprés Sculpted Almond Long ($17) gel-x tips. 

Featuring three shades from Chanel Beauty—Fugueuse ($32), Ballerina ($32), and Muse ($32)—this look keeps the color at the bottom of the nail while the top of the nail gets a coat sheer enough you can see the nail beneath it. 

Each nail in this pretty set has lots of negative space, while pink is applied in wavy blobs to the tips and sides of the nails, accented with silver glitter. 

Floral tips are a great way to have a lot of your natural nail show while still enjoying an intricate design.  

This brush-stroke look uses pops of pastels and gold to create a pretty abstract tip. It's done with polishes from Magpie Beauty. 

Take French tips to the next level with a fun, ditsy pattern, like these red hearts. This design was created using polishes from Gel Care. 

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