Top 10 Food and Nutrition Trends for 2024, According to EatingWell

We successfully predicted spritzes, copycat recipes, and adaptogen cocktails will be popular in 2023. Over the previous year, your physical and mental health was prioritized, therefore combining nutrition with your favorite meals and activities is crucial. We expect nothing less in 2024. 

As social media trends like “WaterTok” and Stanley tumblers become popular wellness presents, staying hydrated will remain a priority. In all Dotdash Meredith brands (EatingWell included), interest in water and hydration articles increased 29% over last year.

1. Hydration

Datassential, a leading food and beverage data collector, predicts that kale and asparagus will replace romaine in Caesar salad. Caesar salad recipe views on increased 89% this year compared to last year. 

 2. Caesar Everything

Last year, we forecasted alternate coffees as a 2023 trend, and Whole Foods lists them for 2024. Energy drinks are often utilized as coffee substitutes, thus this may be the end of the coffee replacement fad. 

3. Functional Beverage

Speaking of gut-healthy sodas, saw a 60% increase in interest in foods and drinks that support gut health this year compared to last year, so we expect fermented foods and probiotic- and prebiotic-rich ingredients to be an ongoing focus. 

4. Focusing on Gut Health

We expect protein to be recognized in 2024 as an essential food that keeps your body robust and full. Since 2023, plant-based protein has grown 41% on EatingWell, while protein powder has grown 58%. 

5. High-Protein Snack

Women like Drew Barrymore, Oprah, and Naomi Watts are talking about menopause, making it less taboo. Menopause and perimenopause resources are increasingly available, and Google's data shows health themes like creatine and menopause being searched simultaneously.

6. Food for Menopause

With 2023 dessert trends like date bark, consumers demand low- or no-sugar items. According to EatingWell, added sugar articles have seen 1200% more views since last year. Sweeteners, syrups, and honey have added sugars, not fruits, vegetables, and milk. 

7. No Added Sugar

As nonalcoholic drinks have grown in popularity, we predict the mocktail trend to grow. Pineapple mocktails were searched for 70% more last year, according to Pinterest Predicts' 2024 trend predictions. 

8. Mocktail

Celebrities are promoting regular cold plunges as the latest anti-inflammatory wellness craze. In 2023, ice bath water chillers were Google's most searched appliance. 

9. Ice Baths and Cold Plunge

Due to the publicity around weight loss pharmaceuticals like Ozempic and natural choices like berberine, we expect prescription requests to climb. GLP-1 receptor agonist prescription medications like Ozempic and Wegovy are attracting 14% of consumers, according to Datassential.

10. Interest in Weight Loss Medication

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