The ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Release Date Is Very, Very Far Away

Following the end of the writers' and actors' strikes, Netflix stated that their top two goals were to release Stranger Things season 5 and Wednesday season 2, new seasons of their most popular series. Even with that mandate, it will be a long time before Stranger Things season 5 is released.

Millie Bobby Brown is currently promoting her new Netflix film "Damsel" and is frequently questioned about Stranger Things.

She said on The Jonathan Ross Show that Stranger Things season 5 filming will continue for another nine months.

So, adding in what is expected to be 5-8 months of post-production, as was the case with past seasons (this one could be even longer because it is undoubtedly going to be very, 

very VFX heavy, last fight and all), we can map out a probable release date, which is quite far away.

Nine months of filming plus 5-8 months of post-production equals somewhere between May and August 2025, more than a year from today.

And if that's the case, it'll be three years after season 4 premiered in 2022, and it wasn't even all of the episodes, as post-production was still on, and the second part didn't arrive until July. 

It stands to reason that Netflix will split season 5 into two parts, as they have done with almost all of their most popular shows that return for additional seasons.

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