The rarest and most common zodiac signs, according to astrologer

If you're into astrology, you may see Geminis and Scorpios everywhere, but never a Capricorn.

 Though constant connections may be owing to zodiac compatibility, considering your celestial circle of pals may lead to the question: What is the rarest zodiac sign

 Due to numerous circumstances, a few indicators fight for rarest and most common statistically.

 Drumroll, please... Aquarius is the rarest. Water-bearer kids are rare because February is the least common birth month. Ash also claims that January-February overlap is the shortest astrologically.

Which zodiac sign is rarest? 

Aquarians are astrology rebels. ‘Co-ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma, discipline, and structure, and Uranus,  

The rarest zodiac sign's traits 

 Aquarians are fussy about relationships, but Libra, Gemini, Aries, and Sagittarius are all good choices. Aquarius prefers interesting, curious, and rebellious people who can push them out of their comfort zone. 

Which signs suit Aquarius? 

We think the most prevalent zodiac sign is between Leo and Virgo. According to Narayana Montúfar, a professional astrologer and author of Moon Signs,

The most frequent zodiac sign? 

Aries is the second rarest sign, according to Montúfar. Aries was conceived during Cancer season, when individuals 'feel a bit closed off and like to stick to what's familiar, not taking too many risks,' she says

 Which zodiac sign is second rarest? 

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