‘The Man in the Iron Lung,’ Paul Alexander, died at 78.

 Gray News One of the last iron lung residents, Paul Alexander, has died, sources say. His age was 78.

 Paul Alexander was 6 when he acquired polio in 1952 and lost most of his functions. He was placed in an iron lung,

which stimulates respiration in paralyzed persons, to survive.

 Alexander went to college, became a successful lawyer, and wrote a book despite the devastating loss.

 Alexander lived over 70 years in the iron lung.

 In 2022, educator and Youtuber Christopher Ulmer interviewed Alexander for Special Books for Special Kids.

 Ulmer started a GoFundMe account after the interview to help Alexander pay for his iron lung, healthcare, and affordable housing.

Ulmer said Alexander lived in a windowless one-room flat.

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