The Jacksonville Jaguars ex-employee who stole $22 million and lost it on Draft Kings and FanDuel was sentenced to 78 months in jail

The Jacksonville Jaguars' former employee who pled guilty to stealing $22 million was sentenced to six and a half years in prison on Tuesday.

The Middle District of Florida District Attorney's office ordered Amit Patel, 31, to repay the

  Jaguars $22,221,454.40 he embezzled as the team's virtual credit card program admin.

 As program overseer, Patel fabricated hundreds of phony purchases and transactions unconnected 

 To the Jaguars' economic interests, the Justice Department said.

 He hid the fraud by entering false accounting entries and duplicating legitimate transactions like dining and airline tickets, according to prosecutors.

 Patel was sacked by the Jaguars in February 2023 for fraud from September 2019. In December, he admitted wire fraud and illicit transactions.

The Justice Department accused Patel of spending stolen money on private flights, expensive hotel stays

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