The 10 most affectionate cat breeds. 

If you have ever wanted a cat you can train to do tricks or walk on a leash, a Tonkinese is a good choice.  

These oversized cats are bona fide cuddle bugs. While males can tip the scales at around 20 pounds, according to VCA Animal Hospitals, many of them act like they are tiny lap kittens.  

Persians have a reputation for being a high maintenance breed, but don't let the fact that their coats require a lot of grooming put you off from this friendly breed. 

The hairless breed may not have a fuzzy mane, but according to Base Paws, they have other desirable traits:  

Russian Blues are beautiful cats also known for creating strong bonds with their humans, according to CFA. 

These easy-going cats are as happy exploring and playing as they are sitting on a lap getting attention.  

Thought to be one of the oldest cat breeds in existence, the Abyssinian has a lot going in its favor. 

Whether their ears are folded or straight, these Scottish cats are known for their sweet temperaments. 


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