Spinach and Artichoke Egg in a Bagel Hole (Simple Sheet-Pan Dinner) 

Substitute the bagel halves with English muffin halves. 

Use a different type of dip such as salsa or hummus instead of spinach-and-artichoke dip. 

Replace Parmesan cheese with grated cheddar or mozzarella. 

Add cooked bacon or sausage crumbles on top of the dip before cracking the eggs. 

Incorporate chopped herbs like chives or parsley for added flavor. 

Try different seasonings like smoked paprika or garlic powder instead of salt and pepper. 

Experiment with different types of bread, like whole wheat or sourdough. 

For a vegetarian option, omit the meat and add sautéed mushrooms or diced tomatoes on top of the dip before adding the egg. 

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