Sean Penn's CORE Raises $1.4M at Pre-Oscars Benefit, Warning Against "Growing Disaster of Division" in U.S.

During a hectic Oscar week, Sean Penn's relief charity CORE focused on raising money for global emergencies instead of toasting this year's outstanding films.  

Celebrities attended CORE's Pre-Oscars Benefit on Tuesday, which collected $1.4 million for the group's humanitarian activities.   

The Hollywood Reporter and Dodge sponsored the event.  

Bill Burr emceed the dinner, which Penn, CORE CEO Ann Lee, and CAA's Bryan Lourd co-hosted at a Laurel Canyon property.  

"This is such a wonderful organization - I've done so many benefits in my stand-up career where the charity was B.S., like 10% of 10% went to something," Burr told attendees at the opening of the night. 

"This is actually one of the few that I loan my time to because it's a great thing, and Sean has done so many wonderful things."  

Penn took the mic next, recalling the group's 2010 founding after Haiti's tragedy.   

"We knew there were risks, but we were going to fly and apologize later," the actor said.  

Since then, the charity has provided rapid aid and recuperation to poor communities during crises including Ukraine, the Maui wildfires, and COVID-19.  

"Our jet's now built for battle, and because we believe so strongly in our local teams throughout the world, we want our plane to be your plane," said Penn.  

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