Nick Bosa and Fred Warner of the 49ers expressing their feelings before the Super Bowl

Nick Bosa's speech must happen before Super Bowl XLVIII. Instead, the star defensive end has a message.

“You don't realize how hard it is to get there, play hard, and be locked in for four quarters if you want to win as a rookie. “I learned that,” Bosa remarked.

Linebacker Fred Warner reiterated the sentiment, stating that early in your career, you may think, ‘This is what it’s like, and you go to the Super Bowl every year.’

Quite the contrary. We've come close and have another chance. You must sell out for three hours and perform well.”

Because Mahomes loves to improvise, Bosa advised keeping him in the pocket as much as possible. 

Next, all effort. Kyle said: Defensive-line stamina drives the game.”

Bosa sulked on the 49ers bench with a towel over his head after the Super Bowl in Miami four years ago. 

“It’s definitely going to bring some emotion that I’m trying to hold back until we get close,” Bosa said of this rematch. 

We have a lot of time, so don't burn out. But the day will be intense.”

The past two seasons, Bosa has addressed his teammates before games.

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