In Response to Zack Snyder's Batman, Renown Comic Book Writer Grant Morrison Offers the Ideal Rebuttal

Star Grant Morrison knows Batman better than most authors. 

Zack Snyder recently questioned if Batman should kill his adversaries, but Morrison presents the perfect counterargument to why Batman's “no-kill” rule is essential to his character.

Grant Morrison analyzes Snyder's recent comments on why his film Batman killed his adversaries in their monthly Xanaduum. 

“I was reading how film director Zack Snyder thinks Batman should kill as part of the character's self-imposed mission to stop crime,” Morrison writes.

Morrison says Batman would be as evil as the criminals he fights if he killed someone. Morrison comments,...

 ... “if Batman killed his enemies, he’d be the Joker, and Commissioner Gordon would have to lock him up!”

Morrison believes Batman's refusal to kill his adversaries separates him from the villains he confronts and is part of his mentality.

That Batman puts himself in danger every night but steadfastly refuses to murder is an essential element of the character's magnificent, horrendous, childlike psychosis,” Morrison writes, referring to the hero's childhood code of honor. 

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