I Was In Shock: Jenifer Lewis Recalls Near-Death Fall From Balcony During African Getaway, Reveals She Had  

Enifer Lewis has finally spoken up about her 10-foot fall in Africa, which nearly killed her.   

"I didn't know you could be in that much pain and still be alive," the actress said in a recent interview with ABC News about those horrible days.  

Jenifer released her novel Walking in My Joy in November 2022, and her comedy Black-ish ended after eight seasons.  

Everything was going well, and she was set to retire, when this occurrence occurred, leaving her in "shock."  

The Think Like a Man actress spoke with Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts about her mishap on the claimed "trip of a lifetime" to Serengeti, Africa.   

She was travelling from Cape Town to Rwanda with her pals and slept in a small resort in the Serengeti with a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.   

Since there were only lamps, the lodge was completely dark after sundown. When Lewis attempted to see the facility, she fell 10 feet deep from the lodge stairs.  

"I'm walking, and all of a sudden—bam—I had fallen 10 feet into a dry ravine full of boulders and stones and sharp rocks," she told me.   

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