How the Kansas City Chiefs Honored Jason Kelce Following His Tearful Retirement Speech

Jason Kelce may have only played for the Philadelphia Eagles during his illustrious 13-year NFL career, but they aren't the only team mourning his departure. 

Brother Travis Kelce, who has been a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs for the last 11 seasons

has kept the former center in the fold throughout his own impressive career (so far)

leading the Super Bowl LVIII winners to celebrate Jason after he announced he would not be returning to the field in September. 

"You never played for us, but you're still family," the team tweeted on March 4, along with a photo of the brothers in uniform happily hugging one another.

"The game will miss you, @JasonKelce. Congratulations on your tremendous career!

"The "respect" displayed by his adversaries moved many supporters, with one remarking, "I love this. Jason deserves all the respect in the world."

Fans have been waiting for this confirmation for quite some time, with the center publicly contemplating his retirement in his documentary

Kelce, and the NFL unwittingly confirming the decision following Jason's final game in January—news the center initially denied.  

"Hall him immediately," one urged, while another was confident he had "HOF incoming."

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