Healthy Lunch Salads to Make in 10 Minutes  

This easy salad recipe allows for a wonderful use of leftover cooked chicken. 

This hearty vegan salad is loaded with plant-based power ingredients: chickpeas, quinoa and hummus. 

This single-serving recipe for Cobb salad swaps chicken in for bacon, which makes it a great source of protein for lunch. 

Toss the cooked chicken into this healthy salad recipe while it's still warm to lightly wilt the kale, making it softer and easier to eat.  

Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and feta top arugula in this quick Greek-inspired salad.  

Quick, simple and packed with satisfying protein and fiber, this salad makes a perfect lunch or easy one-dish dinner. 

If you're packing this grain bowl for work, combine the dressing ingredients in a small container. 

This flavorful chickpea salad gets heat from sambal oelek, a ground chile paste.  

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