For its 2025 budget, NASA says expenditure restrictions impose “hard choices”.

The Woodlands, Texas— NASA's fiscal year 2025 budget request is hampered by the second year of a debt-ceiling deal that caps funding, 

 causing delays, cancellations, and uncertainty for many science missions.

NASA requested $25.384 billion in fiscal year 2025, the same as in 2023, in its March 11 budget proposal. 

This is more than half a billion dollars more than the agency received in the final fiscal year 2024 budget measure passed last week.

A year earlier, NASA proposed almost $27.2 billion for fiscal year 2024. 

 The new fiscal year 2025 budget cuts more than $2.3 billion from the $27.73 billion request.

A call with media discussing the budget proposal, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson blamed the debt limit agreement from last year for financial constraints. 

For 2024 and 2025, that agreement capped non-defense discretionary spending, including NASA.


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