Father accused of drugging 12-year-old daughter’s friends with laced mango smoothies during sleepover

A parent was accused of drugging his daughter's 12-year-old pals with mango smoothies at a sleepover.

According to the Lake Oswego Police Department, Michael Meyden, 57, was charged with several offenses

after three overnight guests were hospitalized and drugs were found in the girl's system.

 At a Lake Oswego sleepover in August 2018, three 12-year-old girls were allegedly exposed to an undisclosed prescription medication.

They had therapy at Randall Children's Hospital in August.

According to a redacted probable cause document acquired by The Daily Mail, the hospitalized girls tested positive for benzodiazepines,

 An anxiety medicine that may promote lethargy and relaxation.

 The affidavit says Mr. Meyden was “very involved” in the girls' sleepover activities, including getting their nails done and picking up pizza.

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