Deion Sanders' new book delves into natural odors, cologne, O.J. Simpson, and suicide attempts.  

Deion Sanders has written a new motivational book that will be released on Tuesday.   

It contains many recommendations for personal success, including a chapter titled "Make Confidence Your Natural Odor."  

But buyer beware: that confidence-boosting suggestion appears to have two meanings.  

"I don't use cologne," Sanders says in his autobiography. "Someone might pick up on my aroma and inquire, 'What are you wearing? I simply say, "Confidence."  

He did not intend it literally. Or did he? According to government records obtained by USA TODAY Sports, on January 29  

Sanders' attorney submitted an application to trademark the word "confidence" as a potential Sanders brand name for aftershave, cologne, deodorant, body sprays, lotion, and soap.  

Sanders, the master of countless product endorsements who is currently Colorado's head football coach, has such marketing savvy.  

Sanders, a Pro Football Hall of Famer, has recently been compensated for selling California almonds, KFC food, Blenders sunglasses, and a new line of Nike shoes.  

And now he's peddling a book called "Elevate and Dominate" that seeks to sell you, the reader, on his "21 ways to win on and off the field."  

It casts himself as mentor in the mold of legendary self-improvement author Dale Carnegie. 

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