Best Green Beer

Our favorite festive technique may be green beer: all it takes is a few drops of food coloring to turn regular beer into the most festive beverage for St. Patrick's Day.  

These green beers are the simplest way to add a little bit extra to your party if you don't have time to go all out with the décor for St. Patrick's Day.   

The easiest (and most refreshing) way to include some green into your day is to forgo getting pinched or drinking plain Irish beer on this holiday. Happy Easter!  

1 light beer – Green food coloring 


Pour beer into glass. Add as much food coloring as desired and stir to mix. 


Depending on how vibrant you want your beer to be, that is. Like we did here, pick a light-colored lager for the ultimate bright green beer.  

The ideal beer to use is:  

Pilsners, light-colored craft beers, or American lagers will all work. Darker beers are an option, but the results won't be the same.   

The ideal beer to use is:  

The less likely the green will appear, the darker the beer. The lighter the better, for the most vibrant holiday impression.  


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