Sending flowers to someone is a kind way to let them know you value them  

Finding out the meanings of flowers may help you choose the perfect bouquet,  

whether you're buying them for a loved one's birthday, anniversary,  

just because you want to surprise them with something special.  

Although most of us are aware that red roses are the sign of love, there are many other lovely flowers that can symbolize romance, and different hues of roses have distinct symbolic meanings  

When buying flowers for your partner on Valentine's Day, keep an eye out for red blossoms, such as red tulips and camellias.   

Congratulate someone with a bouquet of dahlias and amaryllis if they have graduated or began a new job. Alternatively, give out blue  

Therefore, make sure to review our information on flower meanings below before you visit your neighborhood florist or buy a flower delivery  

Any bouquet you select will convey your precise mood, whether it's happy or sad, because we've incorporated information from A Victorian Flower  


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