This brand-new black and white optical trick will assist determine if you're a brutally honest person or someone with an intensely competitive disposition.

with many viewers agreeing with their results regarding their personality type. 

“If you saw the girls playing cards it means that you’re cheerful and optimistic,” said Charles, but added, “You’re very competitive and you like to win at everything.” 

Take a deeper look below to discover how these illusions are formed.  

Lucy Yang contributed to a previous version of this report.  

However, if you see a skull it means something completely different. 

Meriot says those who see the skull are more honest and friendly 

Your friends can always rely on you, but sometimes you have to tell them things they don't want to hear."

The well is 140 feet deep, according to Hays County's official website, but an illusion makes it appear considerably deeper.   

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