Alabama governor signs IVF protection bill: 'Proud we are a pro-life, pro-family state'  

After a state Supreme Court order halted IVF treatments, the bill gives fertility clinics the assurances they need to'resume services promptly'After a February Supreme Court decision forced some reproductive clinics to halt IVF treatments, Alabama Gov.   

Kay Ivey signed a bill protecting them Wednesday evening.  

State senators supported Senate Bill 159, a bipartisan bill, which passed fast to allow IVF clinics to begin operations.  

"Alabama promotes life, including IVF," Ivey stated Wednesday night.  

"I am pleased to sign this important, short-term measure into law so that couples in Alabama hoping and praying to be parents can grow their families through IVF.  

"Following a state Supreme Court ruling allowing three couples who lost frozen embryos during a storage facility mishap to file wrongful death claims, the law protects medical professionals from civil and criminal immunity for unintentional embryo death or damage.  

Justices cited Alabama Constitution wording allowing parents to sue over minor child death and said 1872 statute "applies to all unborn children, regardless of their location."  

Alabamans voted in 2018 to recognize "rights of unborn children."  

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