After brain surgery, singer Randy Travis is recuperating.

As Randy Travis healed from brain surgery after suffering a stroke in a Texas hospital, celebrities and fans of country music banded together to ask for prayers for him over the course of the night.

After surgery on Wednesday night to relieve pressure on his brain, Travis's condition remained severe, according to publicist Kirt Webster. 

 When the 54-year-old Grammy Award-winning musician suffered the stroke, he was receiving treatment for heart failure brought on by a viral infection.

Constant concern for Travis, a well-known and significant figure in country music, evolved into active support as celebrities joined Webster's request for prayers via Twitter, including Martina McBride, Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, and the Grand Ole Opry. 

Hundreds of people used the # PrayforRandy to get in touch."Randy, we're all rooting for you," Brad Paisley tweeted.

The relapse happened just hours after medical professionals reported that Travis was improving following starting congestive heart failure medication on Sunday.

What kind of stroke Travis had remained unclear. A blood clot that makes its way to the brain is the primary cause of the most prevalent kind of stroke. 

The second type is caused by a head blood vessel burst or leak. 

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