4 essential questions before Robert Hur's testimony on Biden's sensitive document mishandling

Tuesday will focus on special counsel Robert Hur, who probed President Joe Biden's misuse of secret papers and revealed a political bombshell concerning his memory.

The GOP-controlled House Judiciary Committee will grill the special counsel on his 388-page report released last month.

Hur found that Biden mishandled classified material and inappropriately released it as a private citizen after a yearlong inquiry. 

 Hur said he wouldn't have prosecuted Biden even if the Justice Department permitted him to indict a sitting president because there wasn't enough evidence.

Hur's study described Biden's memory “significantly limited” and “hazy” at times, prompting Republicans to question his mental health.

Biden and his friends strongly denied the report of a faulty memory, but Republicans soon used it to imply he is unsuitable to serve, 

especially because they are targeting Biden's age in the 2024 presidential run. Biden, 81, is the oldest US president ever; Trump, 77, is just younger.

The article called Biden a “elderly man with a poor memory” and said he didn't remember when his son Beau died or when years he was vice president under Barack Obama during his October interview with Hur's office.


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