10 High-Protein Smoothie Recipes Without Powder

For warm flavor and creamy texture, mix dates, cashews, potassium-rich bananas, oats, almond milk, and cinnamon and nutmeg.  

Cashew Date Smoothie 

Start adding sweet potatoes to breakfast smoothies. Plant-based protein and carbohydrates in the root vegetable fill you up till lunch. Vanilla essence, frozen bananas, soy milk, and dates make this drink strong, sweet, and creamy. 

Japanese Sweet Potato Smoothie 

Oats, almond milk (or coconut milk), Greek yogurt, or kefir can replace vanilla protein powder for flavor and macros. As tasty and filling, canned pumpkin purée adds sweetness. Sprinkle pepitas on top for crunch. 

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie  

This tasty smoothie has protein from Greek yogurt, almond butter, and oats. This drink tastes like a gingersnap thanks to ginger and vanilla extract, so you won't notice the handful of veggies. 

Gingersnap Green Smoothie  

Avocado, an unusual ingredient, lends this high-protein smoothie a creamy texture without altering the tart cherry flavor. 

Cherry Chia Seed Smoothie  

Smoothie Blueberry Muffin Frozen antioxidant-rich blueberries, honey, vanilla, and cinnamon make this breakfast smoothie taste like a muffin.  

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie  

You can make this smoothie with frozen peaches year-round. Pecans, Greek yogurt, and oats make it the perfect post-workout protein drink substitute. 

Peach and Pecan Smoothie  

This high-protein smoothie with peanut butter and plain Greek yogurt will fuel you till lunch. The frozen bananas' richness makes it taste like a milkshake. Add more sunflower seeds for texture and flavor. 

Banana Nut Smoothie 

Replace protein powder with pecans for a substantial, flavorful alternative. This breakfast smoothie's sweet dates and creamy Greek yogurt hide the handful of veggies. 

Date Nut Green Smoothie 

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